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Dock systems

The dock systems and the accessories traded by Optim Trade Sistem are the optimal solution for activities which involve large quantities of merchandise, with a consistent need for loading-unloading, especially for shopping centres, warehouses, courier and logistics companies, etc.

We address to a large number of areas of activity and we dispose of a complete range of dock systems consisting of:

  • Manually operated levelling ramps: used for the levelling of the differences between the loading/ unloading platform and the platform of the space specific to the activity carried out. They can be manufactured of steel or aluminium, being available in the fixed or sliding variant, depending on the demands and the loading/ unloading capacity.
  • Electric and hydraulic levelling ramps: available in various models, respectively ramps with pivoting or telescopic tongue, segmented or not segmented, standard or galvanized. The ramps can be adjusted according to the requirements of the project and the area of activity in which they are going to be used.
  • Sealing bellows for the dock area: they can be simple or inflatable (in case of warehouses with strictly controlled temperature), in standard or special sizes and they can be engraved for the easy identification of the loading/ unloading areas. The installation can be performed in accordance with the requirements, on the facade of the hall, on the docking premises or on tunnel-type openings.
  • Docking premises: they can be applied on the facades of the halls, the logistics centres or the warehouses, especially in case of spaces that are not provided with tanks for levelling ramps. They are normally comprised of a metallic landing, a sealing bellows of the loading/ unloading opening and an industrial door aimed to close to the loading opening when it is not used. Depending on the situation, the docking premises can be enclosed to the hall or the warehouse in angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees.
  • The accessories for the docking premises: available in the product range of Optim Trade Sistem are rubber buffers, guides for the truck wheels, additional safety systems for loading/ unloading activities, mobile lighting systems, traffic light installations etc.